When Yogi Sood was considering becoming a restaurateur in 1995, his vision for a new Indian restaurant was quite different from those already in the Boston area, most of which followed the fine-dining table service model. A frequent diner himself, he noticed an absence in the availability of high quality Indian cuisine that could be delivered quickly in a casual setting. The concept seemed to work for other ethnic cuisines such as Chinese and Japanese and thus he began wondering why it couldn't be done with Indian food. "Wouldn't it be great if people could enjoy good Indian food in a casual setting without spending $40-50 per person," he considered.

The wondering didn't last long. That same year Yogi decided to put his thoughts into action by opening Gourmet India at the Burlington Mall Food Court. And, the concept was a hit! His vision has become reality and is now one of the region's first quick-casual restaurant chains offering authentic gourmet Indian cuisine.

Gourmet India's menu of authentic meat and vegetarian entrees along with its assortment of freshly baked breads appealed to the mainstream, many of whom had never before experienced Indian cuisine. In pursuing his restaurant idea, Mr. Sood's focus was to offer cuisine of the quality found at some of the better formal dining Indian restaurants and to run the business with the professionalism he developed during his corporate days.

Since then Gourmet India has made big strides with the opening of four other locations in different upscale mall settings and plans for several more in the works. In addition to opening new restaurants, Gourmet India has also become one of New England's top caterers of Indian cuisine through its partnerships with many of the area's finest hotels including the Ritz Carlton, Marriott, and Sheraton.

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